Health and Vitality Plan

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One day of your Health & Vitality menu

Breakfast – Ginger & raisin muffin

Lunch – Beetroot and onion hommous on spelt bread accompanied by barley broth

Dinner – Almond-crusted salmon escalope on a bed of lentils accompanied by roasted potatoes with French beans & Julienne carrots

Only £16 Per Day

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Health and Vitality Plan

Meals Per Week

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You’ll love the way you feel

“Over the years thousands of people have eaten Nutrichef meals and many come back to us year after year.  They tell us that its because they ‘love the way they feel’ when they’re on a Nutrichef meal plan.  And the Health & Vitality Plan is designed to provide balanced nutrition with a huge variety of ingredients and flavours. Meaning you can eat it month after month if you like or just grab 30 days to boost your wellbeing.  ”

This is the meal plan normally chosen by our long-term clients, as it provides them with all the food they need for the day.  We provide you with around 1500 calories per day and allow you the opportunity to tailor your plan if you’re vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. You can also tell us about any ingredients you don’t like.  (We recommend a minimum of 30 days in order that you maximise the impact on your energy and lifestyle.)

This is the meal plan normally chosen by our long-term clients, as it either provides them with all the food they need for the day or provides them with a healthy platform, on top of which they can add fruit and vegetable snacks or purchase some of our healthy flapjacks.

Breakfasts and lunches rotate every 14 days and dinners every 28 days.  We also make seasonal changes to the menus and are always adding new dishes when we’re inspired to create something new for you.

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