Lighter and Brighter Plan

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One day of your Lighter & Brighter menu

Breakfast – Nectarines with figs and yofu with dairy free cream

Lunch – Chinese green salad with coconut dressing accompanied by jacket potato with (non-dairy) cheese, courgette and onion

Dinner – Vegetable curry accompanied by biryani rice

Only £16 Per Day

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Lighter and Brighter Plan

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“Way back in 2004, when I started the business, most of my clients came to me for advice on weight loss. And that goal remains a strong driver for many. My approach has always been to focus on getting people to eat the right food first and then the right quantities. Once our bodies have the right nourishment and exercise they are very efficient at working out what to do. So this plan is designed to establish a healthy eating regime and good portion control. It works for people who want to make a change and want some support to do that. Results speak for themselves and we have helped hundreds of people to reach their target weight.”

This is our low calorie meal plan. We provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner, totalling around 1100 calories per day. (We recommend a minimum of 30 days in order that you maximise your weight loss.) After you’ve got started on this plan, we can lower the calories even further if you wish, by providing you with fruit breakfasts, soups and salads only for lunch or by cutting down on carbs in your dinner.

One of the best features of Nutrichef’s weight loss meal plans is that the calorie provision is not so low that you are drawn into a cycle of yo-yo dieting. Many of our clients say that weight loss the Nutrichef way is the fun way because the meals are delicious and the portion sizes are such that you feel you’ve had a good meal and don’t feel starved!

Not just another diet. This is a delicious, nourishing and enlightening food experience. It’s a simple and exciting way to change the way you eat…possibly forever.

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