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The Rainbow Diet

The Rainbow Diet is a meal plan for people concerned about their long-term health and the desire to beat the so-called 'diseases of civilisation', such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Based on the research of cancer expert and friend of Nutrichef, Chris Woollams, the meal plan provides healthy sources of protein and a wide variety of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

Chris’s story is a very powerful one. Having studied biochemistry at Oxford University, he chose a career in marketing. However, his life was turned upside down when his eldest daughter, Catherine, developed a malignant brain tumour. Chris refused to believe the prognosis of Catherine’s doctors, who gave her just a few months to live. Instead, he made it his mission to find out everything he could from cancer experts all around the globe. He learned about natural compounds that can fight tumours, ones which can improve the success of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and ones which can reduce the required dose of anti-cancer drugs.

Two years later, and with each of Catherine’s brain scans becoming clearer, a top doctor at St Thomas’ hospital suggested that Chris publicise everything he’d learned from all of his research and conversations with doctors and scientists around the world.

Since then Chris has started a magazine called ICON (Integrated Cancer and Oncology News) and he’s founded a charity called Cancer Active that tells people about orthodox therapies, as well as complementary and alternative ones. In one of his speeches Chris coined the phrase ‘Rainbow Diet’ to describe the wide array of important natural pigments found in food, such as lycopene – the red pigment in tomatoes; carotenoids that cause the yellow and orange in peppers, pumpkins and carrots; and anthocyanins - that put the blue in blueberries.

From our experience running Nutrichef, we’ve found that many people struggle to follow recipes or have difficulty finding the time to shop for food or cook a healthy meal. So, with Chris Woollams’ enthusiastic approval, we’ve produced a Rainbow Diet meal plan that we will deliver to your door.  Whether you’re in good health or you’re battling illness, we hope you will enjoy and benefit from the wide variety of healthy ingredients in our meal plan and learn from the meals we provide.

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