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Why Our Meal Plans

The Benefits

In only 30 days- excess weight loss, more energy, brighter eyes and clearer skin are some of the most obvious benefits experienced by Nutrichef’s clients. Yet these are just the ones you see on the outside; the ones happening on the inside are just as numerous, and arguably even more important. Read on to discover why health is at the heart of all the thinking that goes on behind a Nutrichef meal plan, and find out about the numerous less obvious advantages to your health and your lifestyle. Find out also how we’ve been transforming lives of people in the UK.

Healthy on the Outside-Welcome the Weight Loss

"Way back in 2004, when I started the business, most of my clients came to me for advice on weight loss. And that goal remains a strong driver for many. My approach has always been to focus on getting people to eat the right food first and


Feel the Energy

By eating the right kinds of food you’ll enjoy an extra spring in your step as you’ll not only lose excess body weight, but you won’t be wasting energy digesting poor quality food that your body has to convert into fat. Also, Nutrichef’s healthy meals will provide you with good quality, slow-release carbohydrates that will give you sustained energy throughout the day. You’ll certainly notice the difference if you’re used to eating sugary snacks, which tend to give a quick boost of energy, followed by a period of sluggishness.

Sparkle with Brighter Eyes and Clearer Skin

By providing you with a balance of proteins along with fruits and vegetables that provide good quantities of antioxidant vitamins, Nutrichef’s delicious meals will give you the nutrition you need for healthy, brighter eyes and clearer skin. An added extra of improving your diet is that you are likely to enjoy healthier nails and shinier hair.

Love Your Heart

It’s human nature to be optimistic and to think we’ll live to a ripe old age, but on an almost weekly basis the Nutrichef team meets or talks on the phone to people aged 30 plus who’ve been diagnosed with cancer or diabetes, or who’ve recently suffered a heart attack or stroke. Some cases of illness that we all hear about seem inexplicable - a child with cancer or a professional footballer who collapses with a heart attack – but, in so many other cases, poor diet and lack of exercise most certainly take their toll.

We don’t claim that a 30-day meal plan in isolation will reduce your long-term risk of serious illness, but it’s what you can learn from our meal plans - seeing the variety of healthy ingredients and feeling the benefits - that inspires so many of our clients to change their diet for good. This doesn’t mean you have to be a nutritional saint every day of the week, but a general improvement of your overall diet can make a huge difference to how you feel now and for the rest of your life.

Think with Clarity

By eating Nutrichef’s nutritionally-balanced, low-fat, calorie-controlled meals you’ll not only reduce levels of internal ‘visceral’ fat that puts extra strain on your heart, but you’ll be nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs for the whole of your cardiovascular system.

Fish are an important provider of omega-3 fatty acids, so we provide delicious fish dishes at least twice a week, while also providing this essential nutrient in nuts and seeds. We limit the use of red meat to just once a week, as red meat is higher in saturated fat and cholesterol than fish and chicken.

To reduce calories we steam your vegetables rather than using cooking oil, but, when we do use cooking oil, we prefer to use olive oil.
We have carried out research on over 500 people that shows improvement in heart and artery function after being on a Nutrichef Meal Plan.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

A healthy digestive system is key to overall health and a great many of our clients tell us how pleased they are with their improved digestion. Through eating meals made with ingredients that make their system more alkaline and provide more fibre, Nutrichef clients often notice great improvement in problems with acid reflux, bloating, IBS and constipation.

The Bonus Benefits - Save Time

Due to the fact that we will be providing you with a wide variety of important nutrients necessary for optimum brain and nerve function, you are likely to notice that you feel mentally sharper on a Nutrichef meal plan. Especially important are the range of B Vitamins, as well as magnesium, zinc and slow-release carbohydrates. Also, our meals are wheat-free, due to the fact that gluten (the protein in wheat) has been found to cause tiredness as it is so difficult for the body to break down.

Regulate Your Digestion

Many of our clients enthuse about all the extra time they save as a result of having their meals delivered to their door. On a Nutrichef meal plan you won’t need to go to the supermarket so often and you’ll save money that you would have spent on fuel getting to the shops or on buying food and drink that you don’t actually need.

Healthy on the Inside - Reduce Your Risk of Serious Illness

It’s not just the convenience of having your meals delivered to your door, it’s the peace of mind you get knowing that you’re feeding yourself nutritionally-balanced, low fat, low sugar meals that nourish your body with the wide range of nutrients you need. Many of our clients begin with a 30-day plan, then continue long-term Monday to Friday, allowing themselves to socialise at the weekend comforted by the fact they’re eating Nutrichef during the week.

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